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While I will admit the price of replacing our 21-year-old roof gave us sticker shock, I am very grateful for the roofing crew Findlay sent to our house. I don't know how they could've done anything any better. They arrived around 7 am and never stopped until they finished shortly after 7 pm with the job completed! It was an amazing process to watch how professional and energetic they were and how coordinated their work was. There seemed to be a pride in their work that was awesome to see. Not only does our roof look great but our property looks better than it did when they arrived!

Carlton & Mary L
Marietta, GA

I thought getting a new roof was going to be a trying time, but I felt very comfortable with Findlay Roofing. They did not fall short of my expectations. I would like to recognize the crew that did the installing and Lina the supervisor, I thought they did great! I would recommend Findlay Roofing to all of my neighbors; they are a quality company!

Pat B
Decatur, GA


The project manager was cooperative and responsive to the fixes we requested following the installation. His crew worked hard to make the necessary corrections. All the Findlay staff were very courteous and competent. The installers were amazing. They also did an incredible job cleaning the job site. Very thorough. The on-site crew chief, Rico, was very courteous and responsive in addressing our concerns. He brought some of the installers back and worked with them to complete the necessary finishing work. Very attentive and professional. Honesty integrity competence and quality You get it all at Findlay!

Steve & Rolene D
Atlanta, GA

There were no areas where Findlay Roofing fell short of my expectations. Everything went faster than I expected. The speed of replacing my whole roof was most satisfying. They did the house roof and my garage roof all in four hours which was impressive. I gave already referred friends and family. Everyone should be recognized for their exceptional service.

Pedro G
Atlanta, GA

We are both very pleased with the entire process through the results!! Our home now is not only protected but great-looking with an elevated appearance. Communication & organization are exceptional! We knew what to expect; updated at every key turn. Austin (sales) & Jr (install lead) are both why our experience was so exceptional!! All crew members were hard-working professionals. Office staff were so detailed & have top notch follow-up. Thanks to every single person both onsite & at the office.

Danny & Laurie H
Canton, GA

I had a water issue in my commercial building that I presumed was associated with the roof. Findlay sent their representative Mark Deraney out to give me a repair estimate. It turns out my problem was not a roof problem at all!! Mark told me how to determine the source of the water and spent time that he knew was not going to lead to a roofing job. Talk about putting the customer first! Mark showed up 10 minutes early, was extremely professional and knowledgeable. When he needed more information, Findlay roofing had plenty of expertise "on staff" for Mark to call on. Based on this experience, I would recommend Findlay if you ever have a roof problem.

Gus H
Locust Grove, GA

I love my new roof! I'm going to sit in the driveway and look at it! Please don't hesitate to use me as referral!

Mary V
Alpharetta, GA

We strongly recommend Findlay Roofing to any person who has need of or has questions about the status of their roof in the metro Atlanta area! All representatives from Findlay Roofing were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. From the original roof inspector, Mr. Mark Deraney to the 3 roof experts who came a day early to follow up with the work order, they all did an outstanding job, and we are very well pleased! We have something now that we didn't have when we first called Findlay Roofing, and that is peace of mind regarding the status of our 12-year-old roof.

Chuck & Nancy K
Gainesville, GA

Salesman (John Hartsfield) came out and explained what they did and how they did it and the materials they were going to use. People in the office were very professional. They started the job when they said they would, Kept me updated on what was going on. Very professional crew and work was outstanding. When they left, the site was so clean you couldn't tell they had been there. I was very satisfied with entire operation.

James S
Carrolton, GA

Findlay didn't fall short of my expectations. They did a fabulous job! They were very professional, and they kept us informed. They had plastic all around the house to catch the shingles and protect our bushes and everting. I was very pleased with them. I was satisfied with the final product. My roof looks gorgeous. I had a a lot of people in the neighborhood to ask what the color is because is beautiful. It looks wooded. They sent photos step by step when they were up on my roof. There were about 40- 50 pictures sent to my email of the roof while they were in the process of doing it and taking things off. I was impressed with that. I would like to recognize the crew that did my roof. They worked as a team and as one. I was very impressed with them. Thank you, Findlay Roofing!

Germaine J
Griffin, GA

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