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Windows are essential in the quest to make a house look great. Just one cracked pane can make your home look sad or unattractive to potential buyers. If you want to replace a broken window (or get a custom fit), enjoy tax savings, get a lifetime guarantee, and a lower energy bill, our team can help you!

What is a Replacement Window?

Replacement windows are valuable options when it comes to home renovations and repairs. These windows were designed to fit straight into an existing window opening without removing building materials from the home. In other words, you get a spanking new window and frame without damaging your wall or extra expenses. Replacement windows are also called retrofit windows.



65,000 Roofs and counting has taught us a thing or two about roof replacement and client care.


Get Window Replacement Service in Marietta That Works for You

Many companies offer window replacement, so what sets Findlay Roofing apart? That's a good question! We have grown from a small company to the biggest full-service roofing contractor in Georgia–and it wasn’t because of luck but hard work. Our attention to detail and genuinely putting the customer’s needs first have helped us become what we are today.

While we are an expert roofing company, our team is also factory-trained to act as window specialists capable of installing energy-efficient windows, even if they require a bespoke design. Let us know if you have a specific shape; our designers and installers will work on it.

Enjoy Energy-Saving Window Installation Marietta

Nobody loves a high utility bill. But what if your new windows can keep that bill in reasonable shape and help you with tax savings? Findlay Roofing is dedicated to helping the Earth and your pocket by offering vinyl replacement windows that are energy efficient.

By installing them, homeowners also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,500. The best part is that the windows keep your energy spending in check for many years.

Our assurance in the enduring quality of our windows is so steadfast that we provide a lifetime warranty with every installation. Imagine the savings on repair and replacement expenses you'll enjoy thanks to the durability of our windows.

Quality Window Repair Marietta

Sometimes, you don’t need major replacements, just some repairs

Our window specialists can patch your problematic window in no time. With their extensive experience and training, you can know your home is in the best hands.

We Partner with Award-Winning Simonton Windows

As part of our quality promise, we partnered with Simonton Windows. As the top-rated window producer in the industry, Simonton Windows has maintained the Number 1 ranking (for three consecutive years) in builder and remodeler satisfaction, as stated by J.D. Power and Associates.

In 2010, the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction Award, given to window manufacturers, was also awarded to Simonton Windows. We are proud to install such quality windows in our clients' houses.

Standard and Custom Windows

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need a standard pane for a normal, existing window opening or if you require a unique window configuration. Findlay Roofing provides homeowners with standard and bespoke designs that can perfectly fit your window specifications.

You can also select between Cellular PVC window sashes or traditional wood sashes to replace undesirable panes on your current windows. What’s the difference? While traditional wood is self-explanatory, a Cellular PVC sash offers the appearance of a traditional wood sash, but its design has the bonus of being maintenance-free. Both types of sashes can be used with our energy-saving glass as well.

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We pride ourselves on delivering the best services at the best prices. We invite you to look at testimonials from happy customers to see the quality of our work and how we put homeowners, not profit, first.

Don't hesitate to contact Findlay Roofing today if you need a Free Roof Analysis, expert roof repairs or replacement, or the finest new windows or repairs. Now that Findlay Roofing has zero percent financing available, it's even easier get your windows replaced! We would love to hear from you and help make your home look fabulous again.

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