10 Safety Tips When Putting Holiday Decor on Your Roof

10 Safety Tips When Putting Holiday Decor on Your Roof

The most anticipated time of the year is here. But before you get all psyched with the holiday vibe, how is your home doing in terms of decor? You may have your Christmas tree and interior decorations ready, but have you considered anything for your roof?

Putting decorations on your roofing in Charlotte NC is both tough and dangerous. Here are 10 safety tips when hanging or removing your roof decorations:

  1. Make sure you work on your roof during the day. It’s easier and safer to move when there’s adequate lighting.
  2. Consider the weather condition. In case of bad weather, DON’T attempt climbing your ladder.
  3. Check and unwrap decorations before you get started.
  4. Use outdoor lights for your roof. You need to make sure you have the proper lighting because not all lights are meant for outdoor use.
  5. Check your set of lights for worn-out wires or damaged sockets. Replace them accordingly.
  6. Consider using a timer for your lighting. This can help prevent accidents if, by any chance, you forget to turn it off.
  7. Ensure that your outdoor lights are properly secured wherever you choose to place them—on your roof, the walls of your house, or trees. This will lessen the hassle of climbing back up to refasten them.
  8. Ask someone to help you out. Hanging decorations on your roof is a two-person job, which makes the task easier and safer.
  9. Connect only the permissible number of strands (i.e., three). If you need more, connect the fourth strand back at your power source to avoid fire hazards.
  10. Make sure that your ladder is on secure and level ground.

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) says that every year, an estimated 6,000 people spend the holidays in emergency departments because of holiday decorating–related falls. Half of those falls involve ladders. Make sure you exercise proper caution when using ladders in decorating your roof.

Here at Roof Roof, we care about your safety and well-being. Yes, we are an expert team of roofers in Charlotte NC. But we also provide services for your doors, windows, gutters, attic, and more.

Stay safe for the holidays and let us help you deal with your roofing concerns. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a free roof analysis.

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