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4 Ideas to Extend the Life of Your Roof

It doesn’t matter whether your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan or if you just had it installed yesterday. It’s very important to try to keep it in the best possible shape you can so that it lasts as long as it should. Doing these small things might seem time-consuming and even costly, in some cases. But, when compared to the thousands of dollars you’ll spend on a new roof, these relatively small things you can do can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Take Care of Your Gutters

Cleaning the rain gutters around your home may do more than you might think. Not only does it keep the leaves and pests from making your roof look shabby and unkempt, but cleaning the gutters out regularly can also save your home from major water damage. As the leaves and debris pile up, they’ll create dams in your gutter that create pools of standing water. The water then leaks into your home and creates all sorts of problems.

Trim Your Trees

If you have trees around your home, take a closer look at the branches and make sure there aren’t branches hanging over your roof. These branches make it easy for pests and rodents to get onto your roof and cause damage by gnawing or making homes in the shingles. Make sure that all branches are at least 10 feet away from the roof. If not, contact a professional to remove these branches safely without permanently damaging your tree or your home.

Prevent Ice Dams

One way to best take care of your roof doesn’t really have anything to do with your roof at all. Make sure that you have enough insulation in your attic so that water doesn’t freeze on your roof and create ice dams that melt and cause major water damage. Another way to prevent ice dams from occurring is clearing any snow off of your roof and using a rake to dislodge any snow or ice on your roof. You’ll want to clear about three or four feet around the rain gutters at least to prevent ice dams.

Keep Tabs on It

The most basic and possibly the easiest thing you can do to protect your roof is just to be aware of what’s happening with it, especially after weather storms. Walking the perimeter of your house and being aware of any shingle granules that have chipped off or whole shingles that have fallen off the roof will clue you in and let you know when it’s time to repair or replace your roof. Take a pair of binoculars and look up on your roof, observing whether there are any curling shingles or damaged flashing around vents, skylights, and other openings.

A new roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s best just to keep careful maintenance over your roof so you can avoid any costly repairs or replacements down the road.


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