5 Common Shingle Roofing Repairs You Should Be Aware Of

5 Common Shingle Roofing Repairs You Should Be Aware Of

The roof often gets ignored when something like a leaky ceiling causes a homeowner to get up there and investigate. When you consider how important the roof is to the home's structure and your bank account, it makes sense to understand what roofing repairs may be necessary. If you know what to watch for, you'll be more aware of potential issues. Here are 5 common shingle roofing repairs your roof will possibly need during the time you own your home.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

Shingles are one of the most common roofing materials. They're popular because they do an excellent job of protecting the roof. However, shingles can crack, curl, or buckle and may become discolored. They can also be blown off during high winds. Shingles that are broken or missing expose the wood underneath to water damage, ultimately leading to rot and other types of damage. Roof leaks cause discoloration. If a roof leak isn't repaired, it can eventually make its way to the interior ceiling and cause a disaster. Curling and buckling occur if there isn't proper ventilation. Nails that are located too high on the shingle can also cause curling. Fortunately, if you inspect your roof often, you can take care of most of these things before they become huge problems.

Ever Heard of Fascia?

If you've never heard of it, you've probably at least seen it. Fascia is a fancy name for roof trim. It's the front board that runs along your roof line. Fascia is designed primarily to protect your home from water by blocking it from getting inside your home. Because it bears the brunt of the weather, especially rain, it can be susceptible to rot and other types of damage. Fascia also helps give your home a finished look. If you notice something amiss when performing your roof inspection, contact a roofing contractor immediately. It's important to get repairs done quickly to prevent further damage.


Soffit is the finished surface below the fascia and rafters. One role soffit plays for your home's structure is to help with attic ventilation. It also works to prevent rot in your sheathing and rafters. Soffit is usually constructed from vinyl, which is important because it's resistant to outdoor elements, especially water. Sometimes soffits develop cracks or holes, which allow water to seep in. Insects and animals can also find their way through the cracks and holes. Just like issues you notice with the fascia, call your roofing contractor to come out and start repairs as quickly as possible.

Flashings Have Nothing to Do with Lights

Flashings are used to seal any area on the roof that isn't covered. These areas include roof edges, walls, drains, etc. Anywhere there's an interruption in covering, flashing acts as a seal against water leaking through the roof and into the interior of the home. Flashing can deteriorate or come loose. Repairs to flashing aren't difficult, but if you notice a problem, you don't want to ignore it.

Gutters Cause Roof Problems Too!

You might be shocked to learn that ignoring gutters can lead to roof issues. The problems come when gutters aren't kept free of debris and standing water. Yes, they're designed to keep water away from your home's foundation but they're also integral in protecting the structure and roof. Because they can easily get backed up with water and debris, they contribute to mold development under the roof. This could result in a costly roof repair. Most homeowners can take care of gutter maintenance, but if you don't feel comfortable getting up on a ladder to do this, hire someone to take care of it for you. Your roofing contractor should be able to do the job.

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