5 Factors That Influence Roofing Costs

5 Factors That Influence Roofing Costs

Professional roofers will be the first to tell you that any job involving roof repairs is rarely ever as straightforward as it first seems. What might, at first glance, seem like a simple job replacing lost or damaged shingles could easily turn out to be a much more extensive case of roofing maintenance and repair. This, naturally, will affect the overall cost to do the repairs to your home.

The primary determinant for roof repair when it comes to cost is, naturally, the nature of your roof itself. Specifically, this refers to the material that your roof is made of. While in general the more expensive your roofing material the more expensive it will be to repair it, there are additional factors based on the roofing material. For example, metal and slate fall in the same range of cost, materials-wise, but it's generally more difficult working with slate. You must be especially careful repairing a slate roof because it can damage easily.

The current state of your roof also naturally affects costs. Your roofing contractor may determine that your current roof is not salvageable and that you need an entirely new roof. Of course, there is a lot more expense to replacing your roof rather than repairing it.

To further complicate matters, where you live can also inflate costs. Because your contractor may need to file for permits to do the repairs to your home, any such charges can be added to your expenditures. Some coastal areas even have a permit for protecting your home from hurricanes and storms!

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