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5 Key Benefits of Replacing Old Windows


Windows don't just protect from the weather, they allow light and air into a home. They give a home character. Window replacement is a major home improvement project, so many homeowners put it off due to time and budget constraints. You might want to reconsider waiting to replace old windows. Read more about five major benefits of replacing worn out windows.

Lower Your Energy Bills

This benefit alone is attractive to homeowners. Who doesn't want to lower energy costs? If you purchase well-insulated replacement windows, you'll enjoy more year-round comfort. Why? Modern windows are designed to be energy efficient. They help insulate against cold winter temperatures as well as extreme heat in summer. New windows can result in savings of 7-15% on your energy bills. That's a significant savings and an excellent reason to budget for window replacements.

Sunscreen for Your Home

New windows not only help homeowners lower energy bills, they help protect the interior of the home from the elements. All that natural light you love streaming in through your windows results in an excessive number of ultraviolet rays. Just like the sun can damage skin, it can also damage furnishings, walls, and floors. The damage comes from fading caused by the sun beating in through the windows day in and day out. You can purchase windows today with double and triple-pane glass to help protect your home from UV rays.

Easier to Maintain

Cleaning windows is fun, right? If you have old, worn-out windows, you'll have a hard time convincing anyone that it's fun to help clean them. Replacement windows are designed for easy maintenance. Many come with features that make them easier to clean. Gone are the days of rickety wooden windows that warp and are impossible to remove for cleaning. Today, you can find windows with all kinds of innovative features, including blinds and shades built in between the glass. These features mean cleaning won't be as much of a chore.

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A Quieter Home

Quiet is something most people crave, especially after a long day at work. Old windows let a significant amount of noise in from the outside. You may not even realize just how much noise you've been living with until you replace those old windows. Some of the same features of new windows that minimize UV rays and help lower energy bills also help block sound. Imagine the serenity of coming home to a peaceful, quiet, comfortable home made possible by installing new windows.

Adds Value to Your Home

Finally, replacing old windows adds value to your investment. If the day comes when you decide to sell your home, new windows is a great selling point. Prospective buyers always look for recent improvements when they think about putting an offer in on a home. New windows mean one less big investment after closing. Not only that, if a homeowner cares enough to install new windows, chances are they've cared to take care of the rest of the home. New window may be what draws a buyer to your home over others in the neighborhood.

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