5 Reasons to Look Into Roofing Repair ASAP

5 Reasons to Look Into Roofing Repair ASAP

Do not stall in making a roofing repair decision. Sometimes even a few days can make damage far worse and more expensive for you. It could be a good thing to do the research now and save yourself the heartache, or wallet ache, later.

Here are the top five reasons it pays to take immediate action when you notice a problem on the roof of your Atlanta-area home.

1. Roof damage is a time bomb

The longer you wait on roof repairs, the worse the damage is likely to grow. Small leaks grow into bigger leaks and start to damage the integrity of your roof and rot your underlayments or even your joists. Loose or broken shingles can fall off entirely and expose the materials beneath.

As a result, the longer you wait, the faster your roofing repair costs will escalate. Small problems that could have been fixed with a few hours or work grow into multi-day projects. It is worth it to start the repair process when you first notice the damage rather than trying to put it off until later.

2. The real damage may be hidden

Another reason to avoid waiting on repairs is that you may not be seeing the fully extent of the damage based on a cursory inspection. Signs of worn or damage shingles could hide underlayment damage that will lead to severe moisture problems when the next storm hits. If you see a problem, it's a good idea to get a roof inspection quickly to see how deep the damage goes.

3. Bad weather is waiting to make your problem worse

Speaking of storms and moisture damage, this is another good reason to fix roof problems when you notice them rather than waiting. Storm damage is often cumulative - one storm causes minor problems, loosening shingles or blowing away tiles, then the next storm creates serious moisture damage by forcing water into the new gaps or worsens the original problem by removing more shingles. If you notice any roof damage during the fall, it is wise to fix it before the winter.

4. Insurance policies are very time sensitive

Insurance will often cover roofing repair, particularly roof damage that came from storms and bad weather. However, there is a limited window in which you must make your claim after the storm. If you wait several days before calling your insurance company, you may find that your claim is denied because you did not immediately make contact, and your insurer has no way of telling if the damage came from a storm at all. Taking immediate action is the best way to get the repairs covered by your policy.

5. Sooner is better to avoid scheduling issues

Roofing contractors tend to have busy schedules in the stormy months. The longer you wait, the more schedules will fill up, making it difficult for contractors to find a slot to fit you in. You do not want to wait weeks and weeks for a repair job, so call up a professional quickly.

Findlay Roofing can help you with any roofing repair or roofing questions, give the experts a call today.

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