5 Signs You Need New Attic Insulation

5 Signs You Need New Attic Insulation

As a homeowner, you probably don't spend much of your time thinking about your attic insulation. However, inadequate or damaged insulation can cause a host of problems within your home.

Here are indications that you may need new attic insulation:

1. Animal Infestation

If you suspect pests are living in your attic, once the animals are successfully removed, you will also need to have a professional inspect your insulation. There's a good chance they have burrowed in deep, leaving waste or even more pests hidden within and damaging your insulation.

2. Poor Climate Control

If you have trouble keeping your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, especially the upper floors, you may have an issue with your attic insulation. Insulation is your home's main barrier between the indoor temperature and the weather outside, so if it is damaged, it will make it difficult to regulate temperatures inside.

If you feel a draft in your home and don't know where it's coming from, that may be another indication you need new attic insulation.

3. Inexplicably High Energy Bills

If cool or warm air is seeping into your home through the roof, it will require more energy to keep the temperature where you want it to be. Specifically, in order to regulate the indoor temperature, the AC or heat will need to work harder and keep running rather than cycle on and off.

4. Roof Damage

If your roof is damaged, be sure to have the insulation inspected as well. If a tree crashes through your attic, roofing and insulation will likely need to be replaced. However, if your roof sustains minor damage, it may not be apparent that your insulation needs replacing. If even a small amount of water has entered the attic, the insulation may need to be replaced. If your roof has been damaged, be sure to check your insulation as well.

5. Icicles

Living in the South, you may not often consider this common winter problem, but if your area experiences freezing rain or snow and icicles form on your gutters and roof, it may be an indication that too much heat is escaping from your roof and that your attic is not adequately insulated. Icicles form when snow and freezing rain build up on your roof and melt. As the temperatures drop again, this extra water refreezes, forming icicles. During winter weather, if you notice icicles or that frozen precipitation melts faster on your roof than your neighbors', it might be time to have your attic insulation replaced.

Adequate attic insulation can save money in lower utility costs and keep your home more comfortable year-round. If you're looking for a professional in the city of Atlanta or in Bartow, Fulton, or Cobb County, contact Findlay Roofing today to schedule an appointment. The experts at Findlay can address a variety of problems and help you ensure your roof and attic insulation stay in tiptop shape.

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