5 Simple Ways to Keep Critters from Taking Up Residence in Your Roof

5 Simple Ways to Keep Critters from Taking Up Residence in Your Roof

Everyone wants a comfortable place to stay during winter, even wild animals. Instinctively, animals such as rodents, birds, bats and squirrels look for shelter when the weather turns frigid, and your attic may be just the cozy spot they’re looking for. However, these small animals can cause a shocking amount of damage to trim, insulation, ductwork and even wiring. Worse, they can spread infection that is harmful to your family’s health. Here are some ways to keep these critters away from your home.

1. Repair small openings in your attic. Even the tiniest of openings can be an invitation for animals to nest inside. Look for holes and do some patchwork.

2. Trim trees. Tree branches that lead to your attic and roof will serve as pathways for animals to enter your home. Trim them back to prevent access to your house.

3. Keep food inaccessible. Food like leftovers or pet food can attract any animal. Keep sources of food, such as your garbage bin or your pet’s bowl, covered or inside.

4. Set up traps. Set a few traps in the attic to keep rodents from causing damage and spreading disease.

5. Schedule a regular roofing inspection. Have your Raleigh roofing contractor check the chimneys, vent pipes, soffits and eaves. He can ensure that these parts are sealed to keep animals away and prevent pest infestation.

Don’t let your home become a nesting ground for animals this coming winter. To keep your home protected against animal intruders, follow these simple steps. Better yet, contact a professional to ensure your roofing in Raleigh is pest-proof. We at Roof Roof offer a FREE Roof Roof Analysis™. Our highly trained specialists will survey your roof and its condition. Just fill out our contact information form or give us a call at (704) 200-9277.

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