5 Stupid Roofing Mistakes

5 Stupid Roofing Mistakes

The worst roofing mistakes aren't just foolish; they can also cause damage to rooftops and make current problems much worse. However, out of the many mistakes that we've seen, these five are some of the most common, and some of the worst for your roof. Please don't try this at home!

1. Over-Shingling

This error is a combination of homeowners not understanding why they shouldn't and roofers willing to do quick, lazy work. Occasionally, if done professionally, and if a host of other variables add up, it can be considered safe to have two layers of shingles on your roof. But especially in the case of traditional asphalt shingles, adding another layer will mask any issues in the decking that need repair. The result is a roof that's heavier than ever before and still has all its old problems, now trapped under a layer of new shingles that are doing more harm than good.

It's a tempting choice for the uninformed because over-shingling is more affordable than taking out the old roof, and in years past, the practice was a more commonplace. It has grown less acceptable as the results have become obvious and more roofers refuse to do it.

2. Prying Up Shingles to Check for Damage

This is usually a homeowner mistake: People worried about leaks or shingle damage go up onto their rooftops and start lifting up shingles to see if they can spot a problem or the source of the leak. It's enough to make any roofer wince! Shingles are nailed carefully in place and are not designed to be moved or casually lifted to check underneath. This effort actually creates new leaks instead of finding old problems. A sight inspection is fine, but peeking under shingles just ruins the roof.

3. Stuffing or Patching Leaks with a DIY Project

This roofing mistake happens when homeowners see a leak and put off calling a roofer about it. Instead, they stuff a leak with rags or patch it with filler. The problem is that the leak you see is only the last part: The actual leak starts somewhere in the roof and spreads out through the roof structure until it finds a ceiling or wall. By creating a DIY patch, you are just rerouting the leak, and frequently making it much worse in the process. It's better to put the bucket down and call an experienced roofing company.

4. Treating the Roof Like It's Invulnerable

This mistake appears when homeowners try to take care of their rooftops without realizing where they are defenseless. Pressure washing, for example, will indeed clean your roof, but it can also strip protective granules from shingles and may damage more delicate roofing materials. Getting up on your roof is a great way to clean up leaves, but walking carelessly on a roof can damage underlayments and collapse tiles or shingles.

5. Not Properly Anchoring a Roof

You can have one of the toughest rooftops around, but unless it is properly anchor, a good windstorm can destroy it. Take a look at some of the things that can happen when a roof isn't properly anchored to your home. The responsibility for this one is on inept contractors using the wrong components.

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