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5 Ways to Address an Uneven Roofline

For any homeowner with an eye for precision, even a slightly uneven roofline can seem like an eyesore. Of course, not everybody has a carpenter's eye, but even a quarter-inch displacement of one support can lead to a serious tilt as your roof ages.

Even if you can live with an uneven roofline the way some people make the best of a bad haircut, uneven roofs can lead to ventilation issues and increase the likelihood of mold. Catching the issue early will save you money by avoiding structural damage.

1. Be Careful

Have you ever been on a roof before? Roofs look a lot lower from street level. If you have ever had vertigo, you should find a friend or carpenter. If you do go up, make sure the roof is dry and free of ice. Ask a friend to hold the ladder while you climb up, because you do not want to get stuck on the roof after a gust of wind blows your ladder into the neighbor's rhododendrons.

2. Use the Tools of the Trade

Maybe you possess an uncanny ability to diagnose levels with the naked eye. But even if you cannot trust your eye, you can still diagnose your uneven roofline. A long carpenter's straightedge can reveal problems with the trusses, your roof's triangular rafter frames, if you have them. Many of the issues you may encounter can be analyzed from inside your attic.

3. Watch for Details

Even minor spacing issues between boards and planks compound over time, as houses naturally shift and wood warps. If you notice sagging between trusses, especially if you live in an older house, you may need new roof decking. Some older homes were built using sheeting substitutes rather than plywood for the roof's inner layer

4. Check the Edges Twice

If you notice an uneven roofline, you should always check on your roof's fascia — the plank along the roof's edge. The fascia must be solid and 100 percent true. Any rot, mold or decay left in the fascia will just lead to a cycle of uneven roof repair.

5. Go Green, Save Green

You might as well leave those old shingles in place, especially if you are replacing your uneven roof with steel sheeting. Your recycled shingles will only improve insulation. You'll also save on labor, removal and landfill costs. Check with your local building authority or consult a roofing professional in your area to determine whether the old shingles can stay.

Keep a Good Roof On Your Home

The best time for roof inspections is late fall, because certain moss and mold treatments need the winter to set in and severe weather can aggravate an uneven roof. Plus, freezing weather complicates installations.

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements. An uneven roof often leads to severe structural damage over time, especially in humid climates. Contact Findlay Roofing today to schedule an appointment with an knowledgeable and experienced roofing professional.

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