A leaking roof is a serious matter

A leaking roof is a serious matter

Unbeknownst to many Gwinnett homeowners, a leaking roof causes significant problems, damaging the home's structure and even aggravating health problems. Often, a leaking roof is one of the last signs you'll notice when starting to suspect issues. Roof leaks are insidious and should be avoided at all costs.

Understanding the damage

Never ignore a roof that leaks or else you'll face:

  • Problems with the home's structure - As water works its way through the roof, it wreaks havoc on the structural elements. If the attic floor or framing gets wet, eventually, wood rot sets in. As the wood rots, the structure becomes weak. Then, the roof will start to sag, walls will cave in, and worse, the foundation can become wet and weak, too.
  • Damaged insulation - When insulation gets wet, it loses its effectiveness. It can no longer act as a barrier against heat movement. When damaged insulation lets hot air into the attic, it'll affect the temperature in your living spaces. You'll need to ramp up the air conditioner to compensate, and energy bills will soar.
  • Mold - Wet insulation will breed mold, which may move onto the framing or roof deck, creating even more damage. Breathing the mold spores in your home's air supply can cause health problems, such as allergies or asthma.
  • Fire hazards - If there's water leaking in the attic and it comes into contact with electrical wiring, it poses a serious fire risk. That risk exists even if water isn't dripping, and wet insulation or wood makes contact with exposed wiring.
  • Water issues - Water poses a significant safety hazard for people in your home and workers you hire. Wet floors are slippery, and wet ceilings can cave in.

The best medicine for a leaky roof is early intervention. By addressing the problem early on, you'll most likely avoid a more significant and costly repair down the road. If you need help resolving a leaking roof, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing. We're happy to help our Gwinnett neighbors with a roof, window or door replacement, as well as gutter or insulation services. Just give us a call today!

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