Adding windows to a house? 4 factors to consider

Adding windows to a house? 4 factors to consider

If you're adding windows to a house, do your homework before purchasing and installing new windows. There's a lot to learn about energy-efficient windows, especially because the project isn't one that Clayton homeowners face very often. The research you do beforehand will pay off because you'll be happy with your purchase, and you'll feel confident in the money you spend adding windows to a house.

4 facts about new windows

  1. The best windows utilize special gases between two or three layers of glass, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. One commonly used gas, argon, helps to regulate the movement of heat through the windows. It creates a strong barrier against heat movement that helps stop heat gain and loss.
  2. Window manufacturers also employ improved framing materials that help to boost the window's insulating capacity. Energy loss around the windows is common, so creating a tighter barrier between the home's structure and the elements helps boost the window's overall efficiency.
  3. Look for condensation-control features when you are adding windows to a house. Manufacturers use devices called spacers to maintain a precise distance between each pane of glass. This prevents condensation — which can trickle down and damage the frame — from forming between panes and on the windows. Spacers also block heat movement.
  4. Windows with low-emissivity (low-E) glass are ideal. Low-E is an industry term that is used to refer to the window's ability to reflect energy and act as a layer of insulation. In the summer, low-E windows block outside heat from penetrating the glass, which prevents heat gain. In winter, the windows block heat from moving out of the home and prevent heat loss, too.

More than windows

Adding windows to a house isn't reserved for just the walls. It's also possible to add skylights. Look for the same energy-efficient features when you choose skylights. You'll want an energy-efficient window with an effective frame, condensation control and low-E glass. To secure the benefits of more light while preventing heat loss and gain through the skylight, talk to a professional before you move forward. It's often best to invest in a very efficient, high-quality skylight that can withstand the elements and prevent problems such as water penetration and air leakage.

For more information about adding windows in your home, contact Findlay Roofing. We serve homeowners in Clayton and the surrounding areas with quality roofing, insulation and door and window replacement services.

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