Are Tile Roofs in Atlanta Worth the Cost?

Are Tile Roofs in Atlanta Worth the Cost?

Since most Atlanta roofs are covered by shingles, the thought is that tile roofs must cost significantly more. The fact is, tile roofs do cost considerably more. But, there are some reasons why the cost is worth it to some Atlanta homeowners.

Reasons to Love Atlanta Tile Roofs

When most people hear “tile roof,” a Spanish style home covered in terra cotta barrel tiles pops into their heads. In today’s roofing materials market, however, clay tiles are now available in a wide range of colors, and their use isn’t limited to Spanish architecture.

The advent of concrete tiles has also created a completely new world of design shapes for roof tiles. As a result, many people who desire a distinctive looking roof to accent their home have chosen concrete tile roofing materials.

With a broad choice of colors and styles, more and more people who prefer a unique look are choosing tile roofs in Atlanta.

More Reasons to Love Atlanta Tile Roofs

Not only are tile roofs distinctive and attractive, they are also durable. Both clay and concrete tiles are known for their resistance to rain, sleet, snow and sun. Tile is also fire-resistant and not subject to damage by curious or hungry bugs.

You also don’t have to worry about concrete or clay tile rotting over time. It simply doesn’t happen. In fact, tile roofs have been known to last 50 years or more when installed properly.

Durability and resistance to nature, fire and pests make tile roofs even more lovable to those who are already sold on their looks.

Reasons to Reconsider Atlanta Tile Roofs

Now that you know why clay and concrete tile roofs are wonderful, it’s time to decide if you are willing to pay for one. A tile roof, whether concrete or clay tile, is going to be more expensive from the start, simply because tile costs more than conventional roof shingles.

In addition, roof tiles are heavier than roof shingles. That means additional structure could be required to support the added weight of the tiles. The materials and labor to build the extra structure add cost to the tile roofing job.

Installing roof tiles is also more complex and time-consuming than installing roof shingles, which makes tile roofs inherently more expensive.

A scrap factor must also be considered. Roof tiles are relatively brittle and often break when stepped upon. Even the most experienced and careful roofer will break a few tiles in the process of installing a concrete or clay tile roof. So, a smart roofing contractor knows that he must plan on purchasing extra tiles to replace those that will be broken during the installation process.

Beyond higher installation costs, the brittle nature of tile roofs also burdens other home maintenance tasks such as painting and cleaning the gutters. If you are not careful and you step on the roof tiles, you may be faced with added repair costs.

So, Are Tile Roofs in Atlanta Worth the Cost?

Is the beauty, appeal and long life of a tile roof worth the added cost? At the end of the day, this is a question that can only be answered by each individual homeowner.

However, if you truly love the beauty of a tile roof, you plan on owning your home for a long time and you can afford the higher cost, a tile roof may be a good investment for you.

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