Asbestos Warning Signs: When to call in a professional.

Asbestos Warning Signs: When to call in a professional.

Asbestos is a fire-resistant building material regularly used in homes constructed before 1978. As soon as the dust from asbestos roofing and siding was shown to cause cancer, it was banned for use as a building material. While that covered new constructions, it leaves many homeowners unsure about the materials already inside their home. Here are the asbestos warning signs to look out for and when you should call in professional help.

Common asbestos materials

Before its use was banned in 1977, asbestos was a component of cement roofing and insulation as well as shingles and siding. Some homes may even have vinyl sheet flooring containing asbestos. Generally, there is no cause for concern because only asbestos dust has been linked to cancer. Unless there is significant damage to the roofing, siding or insulation containing asbestos, there is little danger it will affect the health of your family.

In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says asbestos building materials should be left alone whenever possible. Unless you break into the structure and release the carcinogenic materials, your family faces little risk from asbestos. These disturbances usually occur when renovations or demolition releases the asbestos dust into the building environment. That is why you see danger signs when crews are working on older buildings.

Asbestos warning signs

If you live in a home built after 1978, there is no chance you have asbestos materials inside the building fabric. However, older homes in Sandy Springs and other Atlanta suburbs could have asbestos materials in the roof, siding and insulation. If there is a home accident and you see dust from walls or roofing inside your home, it is time to call in a professional to have the area checked.

Professional contractors would only create more of a risk by cutting out a piece of the building material to take for asbestos testing. For that reason, they will use a special procedure that seals the damaged building components in place. When the asbestos is sealed over, it no longer presents a danger for your family.

By trusting only professional contractors, you run little risk of encountering asbestos warning signs in your home. Call Findlay Roofing immediately if you are concerned about asbestos in your home during or after home improvement work.

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