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Atlanta roof styles: which materials work best?

According to rssWeather.com, Atlanta's climate ranges from a high 90 degrees in the summer to a low around 33 degrees in the winter, with at least several inches of rain expected each month. Such a unique climate deserves unique roofing.

Here are some of the best materials to use, and the Atlanta roof styles in which they work best:

Metal roofing styles: Metal roofing panels have high reflective capabilities and can divert UV radiation and help keep your home cool. Protective coatings can also help save energy, as well as give metal panels a variety of shades and textures. Today's metal panels are versatile enough to work well in many styles, although simple is often best, especially if you want to save money. Ranch-style and bonnet roof designs make good subjects for metal materials, as do pyramid and hip rooftops.

Shingle styles: Asphalt shingles are not only a common, affordable option for residential houses, they are also suitable for a vast number of Atlanta roof styles. Shingles can work whether you want an elegant Victorian style that incorporates gables, a simple ranch style with flat roof lines, or a more complex gambrel or cross gable design. However, avoid flat or low-angle roofs to prevent moisture problems. Also, with the combination of heat and average rainfall that Atlanta receives, you may be better off choosing lighter shingles than darker versions, which could fade more quickly.

Clay tile styles: Clay tiles not only withstand the heat well, they are also very durable, especially in their organic red colors that both look natural and age well. However, clay tiles are not as suitable for all styles in the same way as asphalt shingles. Mediterranean-style rooftops, perhaps with simple gables, work best. You should also consider a variety of different tile styles, such as s-curve, to match rooftops with odder shapes. Remember, clay tiles are heavy and may put too much weight on some rooftops.

Slate roofing styles: Slate is a stone material shaped into shingle-like tiles that can provide a high-quality roofing material with excellent resistance to sun and water. Today's slate tiles can often be used on all the same styles as shingles - as long as the roof can support the weight. Slate may be especially suitable for more earth-toned, old-world style homes with simple rooflines and lots of stone used in construction. Light synthetic slate tiles are also available if you are worried about weight concerns.

While this entry is about slate, many of the points it raises are also true of concrete tile, which carries many similar qualities, but may be less expensive. Additionally, cement tiles can be customized with a variety of colors for different Atlanta roof styles.

To learn more about roofing and get help with installation or repairs, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing.

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