Bay window installing: know your options!

Bay window installing: know your options!

Bay windows conjure up images of a traditional country house, comfortable afternoon resting in the sunlight, and timeless beauty that can easily increase the value of your house. However, bay window installing comes with its own challenges, especially as a renovation project.

Do you have the right location?

Bay windows work best in sitting rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or multi-purpose play areas and lofts, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to placement. You also have quite a few choices when it comes to style. Angled bay windows have around a 45-degree slant outwards, while box windows, as the name suggests, jut outward at 90 degrees and create more room for a window seat or wide shelf.

When possible, place bay windows in a spot in your home that will enable you to take advantage of your landscape. In addition, consider the following:

  • Replacing a window: Traditional windows make excellent subjects for bay windows, since you can use the same frame and build the window out. However, it should be big enough and low enough to work well as a bay window and ideally located in a space where you have room to enhance the window with shelves, seats, cushions and other features.
  • Ensuring proper support: Bay window installing requires significant support for that extra window weight. That support can come from beams installing below the window and running into the ground, or cables installed in your walls that attach to beams above your window. These options vary based location and what kind of design you want.
  • Protecting your eaves: Bay windows should be protected by your overhanging eaves. In general, you do not want your window to extend beyond your eaves, which may limit your style options.

Materials and pricing

Bay windows can be made from wood, vinyl or sometimes aluminum. In addition to size and pane design (multi-pane windows are popular for their classic look), you can also choose a number of pane features, from energy efficient glazes to argon-based double panes.

With so many choices, prices can vary considerably. This Old House reports that a low-cost, pre-made windows can cost between $800 and $1,100. However, a large, customized bay window with new seating or shelving and matching wood can cost as much as $15,000 according to Houzz estimates.

Innovative design ideas

Use your imagination. Bay window installing is a great opportunity to upgrade your house. Think about second story windbow boxes, wall-length box windows, a built-out bay window room with a circle of windows in its out space, and other big projects. You can also set your sights on a simple kitchen bay window with an herb-growing, potted garden, or kid's bay window that doubles as a play area. A little creativity can go a long way!

Once you're ready to have your windows installed, contact the Atlanta specialists at Findlay Roofing. Their expertise will ensure a smooth and quick process.

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