Be Prepared for Heavy Wind Effects and Other Winter Dangers

Be Prepared for Heavy Wind Effects and Other Winter Dangers

The Atlanta area sits between a special-wind region and a hurricane-susceptible region. This fact puts every home in danger from a variety of storms. In the winter, snow and freezing rain join winds to endanger the structures of your home. Here are things to watch out for when heavy winds hit your home, and why you should prepare for winter storms.

Heavy wind effects

Before you consider protection against heavy winds, it is important to understand what you may be facing. For starters, intense winds can tear off a roof that is not secured. The National Institute of Building Sciences details many more subtle effects winds can have on a home's roof. For example, heavy winds entering the lower building frame can exert pressure on the roof from within. Low-sloping roofs that are hit by intense winds will exert pressure from the outside toward the interior of your home.

Since most roof problems are only apparent to professionals, there is little chance you will know if your home is protected unless you have had a recent roof inspection. Roofers will be able to tell you if your home needs more bracing and/or other types of protection this winter.

Winterization and your property

As the wicked Georgia winter of 2014 reminded everyone, you need to take precautions before and during the cold-weather months. If you have noticed a weakness in your winterization plan, it is never too late to address the problem. Spots on walls, dark stains on ceilings, curling roof shingles and other problems suggest you have issues to confront in your winterization plan. These signs point to leaks that could create mold and possibly structural damage when left unaddressed.

Repairing your roof promptly should always be a priority, but the dangers of winter storms and heavy wind effects make the issue more pressing. Roofers will be able to point out loose-hanging tree limbs and other potential risks when looking at your home. Meanwhile, a close look at the roof's structural integrity will tell you whether further protection is necessary.

Heavy wind effects can be devastating on your home when a major winter storm hits. Contact Findlay Roofing for a roof analysis and to help protect your home this winter.

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