Choose a Good Location and Check the House’s Features

Choose a Good Location and Check the House’s Features

Your home's location is one of the most important factors to attaining that ideal day-to-day life that many people desire. Actor Ben Stein, for instance, was born in Washington D.C., but now calls Greenville home. In a recent interview, he expressed the charm of the city, stating that he'd rather be nowhere else:

"I could go on, but the point is that Greenville is welcome and nourishing — like your mother's kitchen, only with a better chef than your mother (and no yelling at you about your homework or your grades). To be on or near the main street at night is like being on fraternity row in a college town, only there are men and women of all ages, and they are mostly eating, not drinking. The whole town knows my name and every face that passes calls out to me, and it's like being back on 114th Street next to Columbia in 1965. Only much better food," says Stein.

Those who are planning to secure a new property ought to pay special attention to the choice of neighborhood. According to HGTV, a lot of homebuyers eventually become distraught because they thought they found their dream house—only to find out that their chosen locality didn't fit the bill in the end. That is why, when house-hunting, take time to look around and get your impressions about the place.

More importantly, you should assess homes with great scrutiny and check too see if the property is fitted with energy-efficiency features such as Low-E windows and a roofing type that can provide the house with better insulation. You may want to have the exterior inspected by Roof Roof Marietta, to check for roofing problems.

Once you've decided on a neighborhood and a home to buy, get the advice of our experts for roofs and gutters.

(Article Excerpt and Image From Video Ben Stein: 'I am just in love with Greenville' Stein's column expounds merits of city, wyff4.com, May 22, 2014)

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