Common Roofing Problems to Watch out for This Summer

Common Roofing Problems to Watch out for This Summer

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Summer weather can damage your roof, but you can take steps to reduce the severity of the damage. You can also take steps to cure problems once they arise.

Sun Damage

Sunny days can result in damage to your roof. You can prevent some of the damage by applying a coating to your roof. The coating acts like the sunscreen you apply to your skin before going to the beach or pool on a sunny day.

Your roof deck may fade or deteriorate from prolonged exposure to the sun. The adhesion holding your roofing material in place can melt from the heat of the sun. Your shingles age faster when exposed to the heat of the sun.

Some of the signs of sun damage to your roof will not be obvious to you from the ground. You may not want to climb a ladder for a closer look. You can get a roofing company to inspect your roof for damage and let you know if repairs need to be made.

Humidity Damage

Humidity—atmospheric moisture—can damage your roof. If the temperature of your roof is lower than the surrounding air, condensation can occur. The excessive moisture can weaken your roof and create leaks over time. Professional roofing companies use waterproof materials when installing or repairing your roof so that it can withstand the humid weather.

Water Damage

Rainy days can take a toll on your roof. Putting a waterproof layer on your roof can help protect your roof from water damage. Regularly inspecting your roof for weak spots or cracks in shingles will also reduce the potential for water damage. Go to the attic to check the interior of your roof periodically. A professional can use detectors to find signs of water that are not visible to the naked eye. If your roof has water damage, have it repaired immediately.

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Storm Damage

You can take precautions before a storm comes:

  • Check for trees with dead branches that may fall on your house during a storm.
  • Clear leaves and other debris from gutters.
  • Make sure drains are not blocked.

Following a storm, check your roof for damage. The wind can blow a shingle up or break off a piece of your shingle. Branches or limbs can fall on your roof. Hail can cause damage to your roof.

A roofing company can inspect your roof for damage after a severe storm. You'll need to report any damage to your insurance company. The roofing company will work with your insurance company to document the extent of your damage.

Moss Damage

Algae and moss can grow on your roof. Moss can cause moisture damage to your roof. Eventually, the wood underneath your roofing material can erode or rot. Moss is harder to remove the longer it is on your roof.

Regular Maintenance

Don't delay repairing minor damage to your roof. A small problem could grow into a huge expense if ignored. Leave your roofing maintenance and repairs to qualified professionals. Climbing a ladder can be dangerous. Repairs by you or your neighborhood handyman may not hold up to the hot, humid, and rainy conditions of the summer.

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