Complement Your Roof: 5 Home Appearance Tips

Complement Your Roof: 5 Home Appearance Tips

Your roof has an important impact on how your home looks - especially at first glance. Don't let a beautiful or well-maintained rooftop go to waste. Highlight it with the right home renovation decisions! Here are five ways to complement your rooftop:

1. Installing New Eaves and Siding

Your eaves and upper siding can dramatically affect how your rooftop looks. This is particularly true when it comes to walls that switch siding and materials at roof level. A switch to more organic or natural-looking materials (think wood shakes instead of fiber cement boards) can help draw attention to the roofing. However, this is just one idea: If you really want your rooftop to stand out, it's time to get innovative with your siding plans.

2. Adding New Caps, Gutters or Flashing

Your rooftop is very easy for people to see - so why not make it look gorgeous? Consider elegant copper caps and flashing, which look classy and help prevent algae growth at the same time. Upgrading your gutters to copper or another more ornate option is also a great way to frame your rooftop and give it an extra bit of style.

3. Clearing Away Trees and Obstructions (Plus General Cleaning)

Well-trimmed trees can prove to be an excellent complement to both your house and rooftop, so we aren't advising you to chop them down. However, messy trees and overhanging branches can both hide your rooftop and cover it with debris. Show off your roofing and clear up any nearby branches or shrubs to enhance its overall appearance. In addition, if your rooftop is developing problems with dirt, moss or debris, clean it off! A roof cleaning can make a huge difference.

4. Matching Roofing Materials in Your Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, consider both the shape and shade of your rooftop. Obviously, there's only so much you can do with lawns, berms and flower beds. However, it is much easier to match fencing, porches, gazebos, and other landscaping structures to your roof. Look for colors that complement the roofing and aim for shapes that either mimic the style of your rooftop or blend into your landscape to leave the rooftop more visible.

5. Upgrading Your Doors

What else do people notice instantly about your home (in addition to your rooftop)? Your front door and (if applicable) your garage door. A door renovation can have a significant impact on how your house appears from the top, down. Today's styles often favor bright, colorful front doors set inside porches, but try picking colors that work well with your roofing and siding. A new garage door shouldn't be too different in style or color from your rooftop.

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