Current Roof Trends in Georgia

Current Roof Trends in Georgia

If you're a homeowner considering installing a new roof, you've got a lot of decisions to make. Materials, style, color, and other factors will determine how your home looks and how your roof performs. Thanks to emerging technologies, there are more kinds of roofs to choose from than ever before, so here are just a few of the most popular roofs trending here in Georgia.

Metal roof

Metal Roofs

It wasn't that long ago that metal wasn't a common choice for residential roofs. Without much in the way of variety, metal was seen mostly as having commercial and industrial applications. These days, however, metal roofs can be found nearly everywhere. With light materials such as aluminum, strong materials such as stainless steel, and decorative metals such as copper, any kind of home can be complemented with an attractive metal roof. This variety enables homeowners to take advantage of the structural advantages that come with metal roofs, namely, durability and weather and UV resistance.

Solar Roofs

When they first came onto the market, solar panels were bulky, unattractive, and unlikely to create enough power to make them economically viable. Those days are long gone. Today's solar roofs are far more efficient, saving money for those living in sunny climates like Georgia all year round. They're also far sleeker and more modern looking and are more durable, able to withstand harsher weather than previous iterations.

Synthetic Roofs

Relatively new are roofs comprised of synthetic materials such as CeDUR roofing shakes. Made from a polyurethane material, CeDURs are molded from actual wood, so they look like the real thing. Unlike wood, however, these synthetic shakes won't warp, split, or fade, and are far more durable and fire-resistant.

Cool Roofing

There's no shortage of sun in Georgia. Unfortunately, too much sun has several disadvantages. Homes with hot roofs are harder to cool, resulting in higher AC bills. Also, years of steady exposure to the sun can cause wood roofs to fade and asphalt roofs to crack and curl. To combat these effects, designers have come up with a concept known as "cool roofing." Installers use light-colored roofing materials with reflective paint to keep roofs cooler. The combination reflects sunlight away from the house, keeping the tiles cool. Without a hot roof, the air conditioner won't have to work as hard, keeping monthly energy bills to a minimum.

Green Roofing

While still rare, some homeowners have taken to planting vegetation on their roof. These green roofs are composed of a specially engineered soil over a waterproof membrane, allowing a garden to thrive on the roof. Not only is this a unique and beautiful addition to your home, but it gives back to nature by creating a natural habitat and absorbing CO2. Furthermore, a green roof protects your roof just like traditional shingles and acts as natural insulation, lowering your monthly energy bill.

With so many different kinds of roofs trending throughout Georgia, it's worth taking some extra time to find the best roof for you and your family.

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