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DIY Don’ts: Roof maintenance to avoid.

A poor roof repair can do more damage than the original problem. When considering necessary repairs and upkeep, don't make mistakes. Here are the top mistakes in roof maintenance to avoid.

Ignoring roofing problems

Roof problems do not go away on their own. If you know you have missing shingles or notice a leak, never ignore it. One reason roofing problems are so dangerous is that they are often only an entrance point for moisture. Once moisture seeps into your roof, it can cause widespread and long-term damage. Waiting will only increase this damage. Also, unless you report certain types of roof damage immediately, insurance companies will not cover repair costs.

Shingling over an older roof

This mistake remains common roof maintenance to avoid for all homeowners. Shingling over old shingles with a new layer may seem like a good solution, but it's a very bad idea. Do not leave an old layer of shingles on. It will cause your new layer of shingles to deteriorate much more rapidly, it may trap problematic mildew or moss against your roof, and it adds much more weight to your rooftop, weight that your roof may not be designed to support. Removing shingles takes work but is worth it in the long run.

Ignoring proper drainage and venting

Roof design is not for amateurs. Never try to build a roof by yourself without a plan created by an experienced professional. A roof must be carefully constructed to include proper drainage as well as necessary venting to circulate air beneath the roof. Building without including these key design features will only lead to a poor roof.

Nailing shingles or fixing panels without experience

Avoid nailing shingles or fixing panels in place if you don't know what you are doing. Nailing shingles takes more experience than you might think, and shingles with low nails can easily develop harmful leaks and will eventually have to be replaced. This is roof maintenance to avoid unless you have experience: Hire a professional contractor for roof repairs instead.

Fixing metal panels may be even more difficult. Metal panels and tiles require particular adhesives, sealants and fasteners to work - using traditional products will only lead to serious problems.

Forgetting the edges

Never forget flashing, counter flashing and generally all important edge work on your roof. These small, subtle areas need extra care, because they are a key entry point for moisture but can often age and decay without anyone noticing. Depending on weather, your gutters or roof edge, you may also need special features like ice and water guards to prevent more unique moisture problems.

Not working with a licensed, experienced contractor

Do not trust a contractor who is not licensed and experienced with working on roofs in your area. This will help you avoid scams and shoddy workmanship. Avoid roofing contractors that try to pressure you into accepting an immediate deal or whose schedules seem suspiciously open even during busy times.

Call Findlay instead.

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