Does an Attic Really Need a Fan?

Does an Attic Really Need a Fan?

Does an Attic Really Need a Fan

Having an attic in your home can help you cut costs. How? Attics help you save on energy and extend shingle life. However, do attics really require a fan? To answer this question, let's first dive into what attic fans actually do.

What Are Attic Fans?

An attic fan is a fan whose primary purpose is to ventilate. These fans work to evenly distribute warm air in order to help cool down a home. These fans are typically controlled by a thermostat (similar those used on the main levels of the home). The thermostat tells the fan when it needs to turn on. Attic fans then take warm air and push it out. Cooling the air in the attic usually reduces cooling costs and helps to protect the roof.

There are two types of commonly used fans: whole house fans and ventilation fans. These fans use completely different methods to cool down the home. However, both can be used for the same purpose. Generally, whole house fans are used in drier climates.

Whether or not your home needs a fan depends on how your attic or home was built or structured. Typically, attics are not built with much natural ventilation. This makes it necessary to install something that will create air flow. However, in some homes, the roof provides the ventilation needed to increase shingle life and reduce energy costs.

What If My Home Does Need Extra Ventilation?

If your home does need ventilation, the next step would be determining which type of system you should install. Again climate and the individual home structures need to be evaluated to determine which fan will have the best outcome.

If you're unsure about the structure of your home, call Findlay Roofing for a free roof analysis. A trained and experienced Findlay Roofing Specialist will come out to the home to determine which options are right for you!

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