Dried Siding: Avoid It at All Costs

Dried Siding: Avoid It at All Costs

Dried siding is a homeowner's worst nightmare. This occurs when moisture makes its way through damaged or weak sections of siding and works its way towards destroying the structure of one's home. Watch for these signs of dried wood siding, and learn how to prevent the problem.

5 Signs Your Siding is Taking a Beating

If your siding shows these signs of damage, it can no longer do the job of protecting your home from the elements, and in particular, water.

  1. Cracking. A close visual inspection of the siding will reveal signs of dryness, like cracked wood.
  2. Buckling. Wood that is no longer straight, but appears to be curling or buckling is another sign. When moisture makes its way through siding, it will start to buckle. Left unchecked, the moisture will eventually lead to rotted wood or mildew and mold problems.
  3. Interior signs. Inside your home, you may notice that wallpaper is peeling or paint is chipping. Water stains are a surefire sign of siding problems.
  4. Rotting. If you can get a look at your home's structure, behind the exterior shell, you may find some rotting. This could be due to dried siding— which can lead to problems like dry rot in the home's wood structure.
  5. Rising bills. Your siding is one of the home's systems. When it's not doing its job, you'll notice energy bills start to rise as your A/C works harder to keep the home cool, despite the air and moisture infiltration due to siding dried siding.

To avoid dried siding problems, conduct a visual inspection of the siding every year. Or hire an expert to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the siding's condition - before dried siding issues start. For more information about dealing with siding dried siding, contact Findlay Roofing today! We help homeowners in Atlanta and the surrounding areas solve roof, gutter, siding, window and attic insulation problems. Just give us a call today!

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