Effective Communication Techniques for Better Roofing Results

Effective Communication Techniques for Better Roofing Results

Roofing companies know their work, but homeowners don't always understand what to expect. This is why effective communication is important. Homeowners generally don't enjoy being surprised, and the roofers want the project to go as smoothly as possible. Everyone is happier when both parties are able to maintain a dialogue. Luckily, it isn't difficult to accomplish. With a few simple steps, good communication should be no problem at all.

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Ask Questions

This should be obvious, but you may be surprised by how many homeowners fail to ask basic questions. Most homeowners do ask when the roofers will get started, but who do they contact if they ask questions? Who will be in charge on-site? It's best to always have a name and number. Know who's going to be on-site, and who will ultimately be in charge of your roofing project. This gives you a sense of reassurance, but it also grants you a direct contact person if you have any questions or concerns.

It's also worth having an understanding of the process in full detail. This prevents you from being surprised by any of the steps. Additionally, it grants you the chance to ask questions along the way and gain other information. Most homeowners like to know what's happening to their home. This is totally understandable, and a conversation is always the first step.

Have a Timeline

Once you know what's happening, you need to know when. Roofers already know each step of the process, and they'll have a pretty good idea as to when each part of the project will be taking place. This simply needs to be shared with the homeowner. Start and end dates are generally given, but it's worth having a day-by-day plan in place. This enables the homeowner to know what to anticipate. As an added bonus, you'll know if the project is right on time, a little behind, or ahead of schedule.

Many homeowners will want to have a timeline in writing. Certainly, having something written down is helpful. It gives them something to reference. However, it's worth noting that projects can be delayed due to weather, shipments of materials, and other issues that get in the way. This is usually not the fault of the roofers. It's unfortunate, but sometimes things get in the way. A timeline isn't written in stone. The purpose is to give you an idea as to how things will proceed. It's not a guarantee.

Get a Picture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hands-on experience supports the benefits of having a picture available. Today, many roofers have access to software that provides 3D imaging or models. This is an excellent way to get a visual understanding of what you can expect with roofing work. Granted, the end result won't look precisely like the picture. The purpose isn't to let you know precisely how the roof will look when the project is completed. Instead, the image is used to give you an approximation. Still, it's significantly better than simply trying to visualize the project in your head.

With a few questions, an estimated timeline, and some visual assistance, establishing effective and helpful communication shouldn't be a challenge. Give us a call at 770-516-5806 for all of your roofing needs.

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