Energy Efficient Roofing: Go Green at Home

Energy Efficient Roofing: Go Green at Home

Homeowners in the Atlanta area hoping to save money and conserve energy should consider green roofing options. With the ability to bring down surface temperatures and reduce the need to run the air conditioner, an energy efficient roof makes sense for hot climates in the Atlanta area. Here are some of the top green options available:

1. Metal Roofing

What makes a roofing solution green is it's ability to keep cool and last for a long period of time. Metal roof solutions fit the bill on both counts. Made from recycled materials and able to reflect light so temperatures stay low above the home, metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt—yet last a great deal longer. Updated styles make these an attractive option for homeowners in the most picturesque neighborhoods like Roswell, Georgia's.

2. White Roofs

Roofs made of white or other light-colored materials are known as cool roofs. This is because of their ability to keep temperatures down on the hottest of days. Though ENERGY STAR products have set specifications that depend on a roof's slope—white shingles are worth the time it takes to comb through requirements as they are an energy efficient option for any home. At their best, cool roofs of this kind can reduce the temperature on a roof by 50°F. Imagine the energy savings this can offer during a typical Sandy Springs summer.

3. Shingle and Tile Roofs

There are also ways to make traditional roofs, cool roofs—just add shingles and tiles. For example, a special coating applied to shingles in factory gives the asphalt or other material the ability to reflect light. This technique does not work for shingles already on the roof. In addition, slate and concrete tiles are often reflective enough naturally to qualify as cool options. When the materials are darker and attract heat, a protective coating can increase their ability to reflect solar energy. At Findlay, some of the lighter colored roofs such as Aspen Gray and Shasta White may be all it takes to help turn your home into a more energy efficient one.

4. Solar Panels

Among the options in energy efficient roofing, none can beat the green properties of solar panels that convert light and heat into usable electricity. For those planning to stay in their homes indefinitely, a significant return on investment will come from adding solar panels to the roof. This return on investment is higher than any of the other, efficiency-increasing add-ons mentioned. With battery storage products emerging in the market, solar panels are becoming a more attractive option for homeowners—especially if they drive an electric vehicle.

For those wanting to make their homes greener and more efficient, roofing is a good place to start. Ask Findlay Roofing how you can make your roof more energy efficient today.

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