Express Your Style with Colored Shingle Roofing

Express Your Style with Colored Shingle Roofing

Painted furniture lets you express your styleWhat's more exciting for a homeowner than being able to follow what your inner interior decorator dictates? As more and more design trends emerge, homeowners become bolder and more eager to adopt new home design ideas right in their living spaces.

The following excerpt from an article published on the News Observer website shares tips on how a splash of color can transform your home and let you inject your personal style into your décor:

"A painted piece of furniture is a small element that can add a lot of drama to a room," explains Aynsley Mahoney, executive interior designer and owner of Cottage Chic.

From turquoise headboards and yellow console tables to green media cabinets and red accent chairs, painted furniture is taking hold in American homes, injecting jolts of color in unexpected ways.

You can find painted pieces for every room in the house, as well as the backyard.

While bright pops of color are popular this spring, the trend extends beyond bold shades; painted furniture is also available in neutral tones like gray, white and navy. Use these hues to lighten up heavier furniture or add a touch of sophistication to a room.

But your interiors aren't the only areas of your home that would benefit from this trick. How about choosing a bold roof color? Roof Roof, one of a few trusted roofing companies in Charlotte NC, Offers colored Owens Corning shingles for homeowners who would like to veer away from the traditional. These shingles come in different styles and hues, allowing you to find a roofing material that really matches your personal tastes as well as your home's style.

Roof Roof maintains solid business partnerships with Owens Corning and is one of a few roofing contractors in Charlotte NC, than can offer our customers a generous range of attractive roofing options. Our team of professional roofers can also provide practical recommendations and ensure that you receive outstanding, hassle-free service.

If you'd like a chance to explore your many roofing options, contact your local Marietta Roof Roof office and let our experts answer your questions and concerns.

(Article and Image from "Painted furniture lets you express your style"; April 28, 2014)

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