Find Door Styles that Match Your Personality

Find Door Styles that Match Your Personality

The residential front door makes an important statement about your house, family and personality. If it's time to replace your drab door, take some time to think about it: Pick from the latest door styles to complement your entry.

Color vs. personality

As brighter doors grow more common in residential homes, they are being used to indicate the personality and energy of the family that lives there. If you want to give your door a vibrant makeover, try to pick a color that has special significance to you.

There are plenty of color/personality charts available online if you want some ideas. Blue shades typically indicate fun-loving, tightly knit families. Yellow indicates happiness, comfort and warmth. Green is, naturally, associated with a love for nature, an atmosphere of peace and a healing, gentle space. Red is more associated with youth, energy and outgoing personalities. Darker colors, such as purple or navy, are more associated with wisdom and intelligence. Of course, these are just a few ideas to help you get started: Feel free to customize your door styles with what color patterns feel right.

Glass vs. decoration

If you are picking a new door, you probably have a lot of choices when it comes to windows and window patterns versus a simple, fully paneled door. Windows add both light and class to your door, but you also have to consider trim, how much window space you want, and how ornate your windows will be. Full windowpanes look great, but require a lot of upkeep and present security risks. Full panels are great spots for wreaths or other decorations, but it's a little annoying to not be able to see out the door.

As a general rule of thumb, the brighter your door color, the more likely you want to avoid the added distraction of windows and go with full panel door styles.

Screen doors

If your front door comes equipped with a screen door that you prefer to keep, this does not necessarily limit your options for artistic license. There are plenty of ways to add unique designs to your screen door even if you do not have the same color options as others may.

Porch ideas

Your porch is also important when it comes to highlighting your door. With colors that pair well with green (red, blue, etc.), consider adding hanging plants or pots near your door. Also note that the brighter the color of your door, the smarter it is to keep the surrounding porch way a neutral white.

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