Findlay Roofing and LeafTechUS

Findlay Roofing and LeafTechUS

Findlay Roofing is now offering the LeafTechUS gutter protection system to all of our homeowners. The gutter cover system fits over your existing gutters to eliminate the need for future gutter cleanings! It is available in 21 colors and copper to make it easy for you to match the system with your existing gutters and is simple to have installed.

Gutter guards provide your home with added protection from fallen leaves and debris that clog your gutters. If you're tired of climbing ladders to get the gunk away from your home, consider having gutter guards put in by your friends at Findlay Roofing. The less functional your gutters are, the more likely your roof is to be harmed by harsh rain in the fall months.

For more information about LeafTechUS visit them online here. Then, call the office to schedule your meeting with our gutter experts!

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