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Five Reasons You Should Not Install Your Own Gutter Covers

Gutter covers help keep leaves and needles out of your gutters and away from your roof, as long as they are installed properly. But putting covers on your own gutters isn't the easy project homeowners may assume. Here are several reasons to leave covers to the professionals this year.

Matching covers and gutters

What is the precise color and style of your gutters? Which covers will match the color and also fit the right shape and size?

The problem many homeowners run into when they tackle projects like this is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Covers come in many styles and materials and need to match the gutters on your home. Homeowners may not have access to the right shades or styles or even know where to look. Professional installation teams, however, have access to an array of manufacturers and can locate covers that are the right color, style and size to match your gutters.

Gutters may be a humble part of the home, but they can also be surprisingly delicate and require special care when it comes to installation. Putting too much weight on a gutter or cover can cause them to bend or tear apart. Using the wrong attachments can lead to warping. Gutters need careful hands when it comes to installing covers.

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Safety concerns

Obviously, there are safety concerns when climbing up on or near the roof, so homeowners face the risk of falls and injury. Gutters come with their own set of safety issues. Metal gutters are sharp and can easily cut an unwary homeowner who's not wearing protective gear.

Warranty benefits

A poor installation can void the warranties on your roof, gutters or covers, which means no easy replacements or repairs if something goes wrong. Professional roofers know warranty requirements and can help you find the best ones, as well as making sure they remain in effect after installation.

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