Four Benefits to Cleaning Your Gutters This Winter

Depending on the type you have installed, gutters can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. These estimates assume regular cleanings that keep your gutters in working order and maximize the life of your roof. If you haven’t had any roof maintenance recently, winter is an excellent time to get it done. Here are four benefits of cleaning your gutters in the cold weather.

1. Winter involves the biggest clogs

The National Center for Healthy Housing recommends homeowners have gutters cleaned twice per year. Unless you have had maintenance in recent months, the debris from the fall months is probably accumulating. With leaves and acorns falling throughout autumn, gutters in Henry County homes face their biggest clogs of the year by winter.

2. Snowfalls over clogged gutters damage roofs

As the intense winter of 2014 proved, the Atlanta area is not safe from snowstorms and regular frosts. Clogged gutters will make the usual winter storms hit your home much harder. If the gutters are not prepared to divert water snow from the roof, ice dams could form and damage shingles. When you have a professional cleaning your gutters regularly, they can check to see if the gutter system is working properly and make adjustments as necessary.

3. Spring showers test gutters

The same problems with winter storms can hit your home in the spring when heavy showers hit the Atlanta area. If your gutters had the proper maintenance over the winter, this influx of rainwater won’t present a major threat to your home. Lingering leaves and other type of debris will make your home vulnerable as soon as winter ends.

4. Cleaning your gutters is always a smart investment

By springtime, issues will accumulate around gutters that remain filled with twigs and backed up rainwater. Vermin, mosquitoes and other insects will begin collecting by gutters as the winter frost thaws. On top of the risk for major roof damage, you might find yourself with a bug and rodent problem when gutters are not cleaned. The small investment in preventive maintenance goes a long way.

Findlay Roofing specializes in gutter maintenance, repair and replacement. Before you end up with a problem affecting your whole home, have your gutters professionally cleaned this winter.

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