Gauging Gutter Materials: What’s the Best Option?

Gauging Gutter Materials: What’s the Best Option?

Your Gwinnett home depends on its gutters for protection from the elements. Gutters route rain runoff away from the roof and your home's foundation, where it would otherwise wreak havoc on the roof, siding and basement. Gutter material are critical to the health of your home and they should be selected with care. Here's how the most common materials, vinyl, aluminum and steel, measure up.

  • Vinyl. A common choice among gutter materials, vinyl is easy to install and has fast become the go-to choice for many homeowners. It's a low-cost gutter material that doesn't corrode or rust, making it a sturdy choice for your money. The gutters are also lightweight, so they don't pose as much of a risk of becoming compromised over time, such as if a fastener comes loose. Installation costs for this product are also typically lower, due to the ease with which the gutters install. While vinyl is not always the best choice for homeowners living in colder climates because they become brittle; which makes vinyl a great option for Atlanta-area homeowners.
  • Aluminum. Also low in cost, aluminum gutters are lightweight, they don't rust and they're easy to install. However, they stand up well in any climate and they can be painted, making them a great option for homeowners who need to color match gutters to the home's exterior. Lower-quality grades of aluminum, however, have one drawback: They are easily dented or crushed. It pays to invest in one of the higher-quality aluminum grade gutter materials as a result.
  • Steel. Galvanized steel gutters offer a competitive option to aluminum, as they are sturdier and in the same general cost range. On the other hand, steel is prone to rusting, so the gutters will eventually rust through. For homeowners who want to use this material, following proper maintenance can help ward off rust so you can get the most out of them.

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