Get Your Roof Storm-Ready with a FREE Roof Roof Analysis™

Get Your Roof Storm-Ready with a FREE Roof Roof Analysis™

A spell of foul weather has hit several regions in Georgia, causing localized power outages, and a few fallen trees over the past weekend. Wake County didn't fare too well, with the Triangle receiving especially heavy rain Tuesday night. Below is an excerpt from a TWC News weather report:

The biggest weather threat over the weekend will be the heavy rain. The heaviest rain will likely fall over Georgia where two to four inches is expected. A few locations near or northwest of the Triangle may see over four inches. East of I-95 and near the coast, one to three inches is likely.

The heavy downpours could lead to localized flooding. Watch for street flooding especially in poor drainage areas Saturday and Sunday.

Much of the area has seen well above normal rainfall for the summer. Since June 1, Raleigh has measured just over 13 inches of rain. That is almost 4 inches above normal. In Wilmington, just over 17 inches has fallen since June 1. That is a little more than 3 inches above normal.

No severe storms have yet been forecast, although the threat cannot be completely ruled out. A complex low pressure system has been hovering over Georgia, but above-average rainfall has been the norm for the past couple of weeks even as far as Charlotte.

Georgia is no stranger to inclement weather, which is why local contractors strongly encourage homeowners to plan ahead. Roof Roof, a leading specialist in roofing, gutters, and replacement windows, offers a FREE Roof Roof Analysis™ to homeowners who want to equip themselves with all the information they need to take care of their roofs year-round.

The Roof Roof Analysis™ program includes a survey of roof age, dimensions, pitch, shingle type, and expected durability and provides an evaluation of roofs' structural and weather resistance condition: a complete picture, in short, of a roof's general health.

To get a free Roof Roof Analysis™ or to inquire about their Marietta replacement windows, roofing, and gutter repair and replacement services, visit www.RoofRoof.com today.

(Article Excerpt from Heavy Rain Expected this Weekend, TWC News)

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