Getting Smart with Fire: Practical Ways to Prevent Fire at Home

Getting Smart with Fire: Practical Ways to Prevent Fire at Home

The severe damage fire can cause to almost anything it touches continues to concern the authorities and recently, researchers gathered in Spartanburg to conduct a study through controlled burns:

Fire officials and scientists from around the U.S. have come to Spartanburg to participate in Spartanburg Burns, a program that designates vacant houses to use and burn for firefighting and fire safety research.

On day one last Friday, a team hooked up sensors and video cameras to a single-family home at 286 College Street.

The home is one of six found in Spartanburg's Northside officials have selected to burn.

After several experiments to test different fire attributes and techniques for extinguishing, firefighters are burning the homes to the ground.

The local fire authorities and researchers can be lauded for their efforts to find ways in improving firefighting practices. However, they can't shoulder all of the responsibility by themselves. On the part of homeowners, it is best to adapt the following preventive measures:

Keep Flammable Objects Out Of Reach

Matchsticks, lighters or flammable materials should be kept away in a safe place, especially out of children's reach. Kids may not be aware of hazards and how fires start, so it's important to educate them and give them guidance about the subject.

Equip Your Home with Fire Resistant Housing Materials

On top of regular maintenance work, the use of fire-resistant housing materials for places like your roof and siding can lessen the severity of damage that fire can cause. Consult the professional contractors at Roof Roof for roofing and seek advice on the best brands available in the market today.

Among the roofers in Marietta, we are one of the most familiar with the dangers of fire. Don't get complacent and take every step to limit the possibility of fire in your home.

(Article Excerpt and Image From Video: Fire officials burn Spartanburg homes for research, goupstate.com May 20, 2014)

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