Gutters: What’s More Important? Function or Form?

Gutters: What’s More Important? Function or Form?

Your Cobb home's roof has a secret: It needs high-quality gutters to ensure proper drainage and to keep the roof in good condition. Gutters enhance the look of your home, but they need to perform, too. In the end, function and form are equally important. When it comes time to buy a new gutter system for your home consider these factors.

  • Aesthetics. Aluminum and vinyl siding come in a variety of colors to match your home's existing siding or roofing. Other guttering materials, like copper, also provide a unique look.
  • Sizing. One of the most important indicators of performance is the sizing of the system. If the guttering isn't large enough to handle the rainfall in your region or the number of leaves that are likely to fall in your yard, the gutter won't keep up with the drainage. Work with a trusted professional to ensure proper sizing.
  • Installation. In addition to sizing, effective installation will dictate optimal performance. Gutters need to be securely fastened to the home to avoid weaknesses where drainage will overtake the home. The configuration of the guttering system is also critical. Your installer should determine the best route for the water to take, ending in an area that's far away from the home's foundation.
  • Clog-free system. The final factor to consider involves gutter protection. Some systems employ a cover (like a screen) over the gutter that facilitates drainage but helps avoid clogging due to leaves, sticks and other debris. With this kind of system, homeowners don't have to worry about clogged guttering or cleaning out the gutter.

Guttering is one of the most critical systems for your home. It maintains the roof quality, prevents water from entering the basement and it minimizes weatherization of doors, windows and siding, too. If you have questions about gutters, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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