Hail Damage 101

Hail Damage 101

Hail damage is often subtle. To the naked eye, it may not seem like your roof has sustained much damage after a hailstorm. But the problem is sneaky and insidious. Over time, damage sustained by the roof can lead to a host of costly problems. After it hails in DeKalb, be sure to have a roofing inspector evaluate your roof for possible damage.

Hail damage 101

You might be surprised to learn the minimal visible damage that hail causes during a storm. In your mind, it may seem more likely that hail leaves massive gaps and cracks in the roof, tearing shingles apart and leaving significant holes in the roof. The opposite is true, however.

In many cases, after a hailstorm, the roof appears to be in nearly same condition as it was before the storm. While the damage to shingles may be subtle, its effects are anything but. Larger, heavier balls of hail inflict a huge force on the roof's asphalt shingles, leaving tiny divots and dents.

If you've ever held a shingle in your hand, you'll notice its rough, sandy-like surface. These are ceramic granules designed to protect the bottom layers of the shingle from the sun's intense rays. Hail may dislodge some of these granules, while completely annihilating the granules on other shingles. Without these protective granules, your roof is exposed. Eventually, the lack of granules and roof damage will wreak havoc.

As wind and rain hit the roof, the shingle damage worsens. Mix in some ice and snow, and the damage grows even more. What was a tiny section of missing granules becomes a large area. Now, the asphalt is exposed, leaving the sun, which causes the shingle to crack. There's a perfect storm for water damage to occur, once rain hits the roof. Water will seep into the roof, damaging the roof structure.

Now that you know how severe hail damage can become, it's time to get the roof inspected after hail storms. Don't leave the roof's health to chance. Contact Findlay Roofing today to schedule a free evaluation.

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