Home Improvement: Insulated Attic for Better Comfort

Home Improvement: Insulated Attic for Better Comfort

Energy costs have been continuously increasing. This is why homeowners are eager to find ways to regulate their home's heating and cooling requirements. One way of attaining an energy efficient home is by insulating the attic of your roofing in Spartanburg SC.

Whether you live in a cool-weather state or in a warm climate, you may benefit from an adequately insulated attic. But how would you know if your insulation is sufficient? It is recommended for houses in states with warm weather to have an R-38 insulation level. On the other hand, residences in cold climates need to have R-49 insulation level to be considered efficient.

Why Insulate?

Attic insulation helps bring about a more comfortable home temperature. During humid days, it will prevent cool air from escaping through your attic. In winter, it will help keep the regulated temperature inside your home. This is a contributing factor to your home's year-round comfort.

You may lay insulating blankets in the form of rolls or batts over the attic floor. Make sure that you roll the insulation between the beams or joists and that there are no gaps for guaranteed efficiency. If you're hiring a professional, opt for loose-fill cellulose or fiberglass as it fills crevices more effectively.

Energy Savings

The North American Insulation Manufacturer's Association (NAIMA) reveals that as a nation, a significant number of houses were insulated adequately in the recent years. This brought about more than 80 billion dollars' worth of energy savings a year.

According to the Department of Energy, cooling and heating systems consume more than half of the energy use in American household. At an average, 42% of the typical family's energy bill goes to keeping the temperature of their home comfortable.

Insulation helps lower the average home cooling and heating costs by around 20%. Insulation saves energy 600 times better compared to Energy Star appliances and windows and all compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) combined.

Efficiency of attic insulation may greatly depend on the material and proper installation. With this, let professional roofers in Spartanburg SC such as Roof Roof help you benefit from a well-insulated attic. Our company uses high quality insulation materials from top brand Owens Corning.

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