Hot Attic Syndrome: Is Your Home a Victim to It?

Hot Attic Syndrome: Is Your Home a Victim to It?

You may never step foot in it, but a hot attic affects your entire home. In fact, if you're pulling out your hair over high air conditioning bills, it's critical to take a look at how the attic factors into your energy costs. It's often a harbor for heat unless you have the proper tools in place to deal with it.

The Problem

It's natural for heat to rise. And heat does just that in the average home. With proper air sealing and insulation in the attic, you can reduce the amount of hot air that moves through the attic floor, and into the home. However, ventilation plays a critical role, too. Without this key component, heat gets trapped in the attic.

The Solution

You don't have to play victim to high air conditioning bills or a hot attic. Before you start stuffing the attic walls and floors with more insulation, know that adding more insulation isn't an effective solution. What you need to rid the space of hot air is a proper ventilation system.

The best type of attic ventilation system for homeowners in warm climates like we have here in Georgia involves two types of vents. First, a ridge vent. This vent runs along the top peak of the roof. This vent allows hot air - and humidity - to escape, because it will naturally rise to the highest point. You'll also need a second type of vent, a soffit. These are located along the lower parts of the attic wall or roof. They allow outside air to move into the attic, effectively giving hot air a push up through the ridge vents. The air circulation provided by the vents keeps the temperature in the attic down, which in turn, will affect the overall comfort level in your home.

With the right kind of ventilation, you can rest assured that a hot attic is a thing of the past. For more helpful hints and tips for staying comfortable or saving money, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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