House Inventory: A Crucial Part of a Home Inspection

House Inventory: A Crucial Part of a Home Inspection

Our home, apart from keeping us from the dangers of severe weather conditions, plays an important role in keeping our possessions safe. Our homes are significant investments and that's why Greenville residents should make every effort in maintaining it. According to this article, a house inventory is a task worth taking:

As you do your spring cleaning, it's a good time to make sure you know what's in your home.

Russ Dubisky, Executive Director of the South Carolina Insurance News Service says it's all about being prepared, if your house is destroyed in a fire or damaged in a strong storm.

"With a home inventory, this will make sure you know exactly what's in every nook and cranny of your house," Dubisky explained.

He says the inventory will help you know how much insurance you need and can help you remember and replace everything, especially the more expensive items.

Beyond the suggested steps, spring cleaning would not be complete without inspecting your home's physical components, such as the siding, gutters, windows, and roof. Experts strongly advise that everyone should do this at least twice a year as it can help prepare homes for future harsh weather conditions. Homeowners need to check for:

  • Damaged shingles which can lead to other roofing issues that eventually can cost you more for serious repairs. With this concern, you may contact a reliable contractor for roof repair.
  • Dented or damaged gutters; downspouts, when clogged, might cause basement flooding.
  • Attic and wall insulation; a poorly insulated house leads to a low level of comfort indoors.

Taking care of your house sure does require time and effort - that is if you want to ensure its efficiency and capability to protect your family and possessions. Seek our professional advice from Roof Roof Marietta and trust our team of roofers so that you can have peace of mind as you go about your spring inventory.

(Article Excerpt and Image From How To Update Your Home Inventory, wspa.com, May 22, 2014)

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