How Overflowing Gutters Cause Problems for Your Home

How Overflowing Gutters Cause Problems for Your Home

If you're a homeowner, you already know that regular maintenance is key to preventing all sorts of damage. You probably have "clean the gutters" on your list of regular chores, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you neglected the task and your gutters overflowed?

While overflowing gutters may not seem like a serious cause for alarm, this type of drainage system failure can cause serious risks. Thankfully, proactive homeowners like you can find ways to protect and maintain your home's gutters to cut down on risks and prevent damage. Here's what you need to know about overflowing gutters.

What Can Happen When Your Gutters Overflow?

Sure, gutter issues may not seem as serious as some of the problems you encounter. However, overflowing gutters can harm property through flooding, leaks and buildup that can leave basements and home foundations at risk of serious damage.

Beyond the initial risk, moisture damage or exposure to overflow can cause lingering problems such as discoloration, warping and rot. It may be difficult to imagine, but this type of overflow can upend your life, damaging not only your drainage system but potentially your entire home. That's why it's important to take steps to prevent such a disastrous scenario from occurring.

How You Can Prevent Overflowing Gutters

Homeowners can take several steps to cut down on the risk of gutter overflow and ensure their drainage system continues to work properly. Perform a regular inspection of your gutters to spot any problems before they get serious. Make sure that your gutters are not leaking, then clean or repair your gutters to prevent stoppages or potential clogs that could impede water flow.

If your gutter system simply isn't able to handle the amount of rain that falls on your roof, consider splash guards or larger gutters. If you are worried about your drainage system or are experiencing issues, it can be helpful to have a professional gutter and roof evaluation. They can determine the best way to protect your family and your belongings from moisture. It may be time for new gutters.

If you're concerned about your drainage system or your home's gutters, don't hesitate to get contact Findlay Roofing today. They've replaced more than 50,000 roofs and have the expertise to help homeowners better understand their home's vulnerability to moisture damage or any other problems caused by gutter overflow. Contact them online or call or text 770-516-5806 with any questions.

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