How Roofing Leaks Affect Your Customer

How Roofing Leaks Affect Your Customer


Your Work Never Fails

It was a challenging job, but you're glad it's over. Not a moment too soon either, as the rains of autumn have just begun. Between the multiple peaks and valleys, metal, composite, and rubber installation, and in places, a dangerous pitch, this job was one for the ages. This was the sort of job that will help you, as a contractor builds a portfolio which is sure to bolster your client base for years to come. When you see the customer's number, which you have become all too familiar with appear on your phone, you just know it's not going to be good news. In all your years as a contractor, nobody has ever called to gush about your work more than once. The only gushing today is the water pouring in to your customer's home.

Water Damage

Obviously, if a roof leaks, the number one concern for everybody involved is water damage. Everyone includes the home owner, the contractor, and the insurance company. Wet attic insulation will need to be removed and replaced to thwart the growth of undesirable mold and mildew. Sheetrock that has crumbled and stained and must be cut out, replaced, and painted to match. Hopefully, the leak wasn't bad enough to damage any heirlooms, electronics, or furniture. If water managed to find its way down a joist and behind a wall, the same problems that exist with a wet ceiling will now have to be dealt with in the walls. Involving the insurance company may not always be necessary if damage is minimal, but in a worst-case scenario, thousands of dollars in damage could be recorded from just one leak.


Mental Damage

Imagine a customer who cherished an antique doll collection passed down from her grandmother. The dolls even had their own room. Now, imagine that customer's distress when they walk in that room and see water and bits of wet ceiling dropping down on their prized collection. Anger, disappointment, buyer's remorse, and extreme sadness are all emotions you should expect to be party-to on the phone call. Tempers can also flare. It's in your best interest to remain calm until you have all the details, which includes an on-site inspection. Many times, in the heat of the moment, a frantic customer will make the situation seem far worse than it really is.

Finding the Leak

Water always seeks a level. Seeing where the water came into the home is easy but finding its point of origin can be more challenging. It's important to find and repair the leak the first time. Guessing, promising, and failing will only add to the mental distress of the customer and rekindle all the unnecessary emotions.

Word of Mouth

Pictures of the finished product will always be available for your portfolio barring any order from the courts prohibiting their use. However, the best use of those pictures will be coupled with positive referrals from the customer. Problems and issues always arise, it's how you handle them that makes all the difference to your customers.

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