How to avoid a leaking addition

How to avoid a leaking addition

Home improvement projects are worth the time and money you invest when the work is done right. Unfortunately, there are several problems that arise when added rooms, porches and decks are not finished properly. Before you know it, a leaking addition will cause costly water damage and force you to go scrambling to correct it. Here is how to fix a leak in a home addition and tips to avoid the problem in the first place.

How leaks spring above room additions

It is common for homeowners in Woodstock and neighboring areas to find they have leaks in the rooms they added to their homes. If this problem occurs, you can usually trace it to poor workmanship at the connection to the rest of the home. The shingles, flashing and siding must offer adequate protection against the elements. As a result, homeowners with leaks will need work done to correct the leak and avoid further damage.

Contractors handling the job need to add flashing several inches up the wall of the home and across the roof of the addition. Another technique for avoiding leaks involves laying rows of shingles over tar paper to prevent damage to the sheathing. A well-ventilated attic should help prevent leaks on your roof in the winter. Melting ice that drips onto a home addition also complicates the matter when you have a leak.

When a new porch is the leaking addition

Adding a porch or deck to a home is one of the most popular home improvement projects, but the feeling of happiness tends to change when you notice water leaking through the enclosure. In the case of a porch with a finished ceiling, you may be able to locate the source of the leak by identifying a wet spot underneath. More often than not, these leaks are a result of poorly installed flashing. Worn-out and damaged flashing may also be the root of the problem.

In any event, a qualified roofer will fix this problem by replacing the flashing on the porch roof. Do-it-yourself attempts typically end in the same place a homeowner starts, and they sometimes turn out to be more costly than bringing in a professional initially would have been. The best way to avoid any trouble in this department is to hire a professional to handle any structural improvements and to have regular maintenance on roofing materials.

A leaking addition can turn an exciting home improvement project into a disaster in short order. Contact Findlay Roofing to correct the problem or to avoid having one the first place.

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