How to build a roof over a deck

How to build a roof over a deck

Do you want to turn an open deck or patio into a covered space or three-season room? Learn how to build a roof over a deck, start enjoying your new living space, and drive the value of your Henry County home.

How to build a roof over a deck

The roof is the beginning of your new space, as it will shade the area from the sun. Enclosing the space entirely can take outdoor eating to new heights, enhancing a simple deck to a nearly year-round living space. Consider these factors when making plans for the deck with your contractor:

  • Give it support: Most existing decks aren't designed to support the weight of a roof. You'll need to account for better footings by adding the appropriate number of supports so that the deck can handle its heavy load. It's possible to design footings that are independent from the decking in order to avoid having to modify the deck.
  • Power it up: Consider incorporating electric. An outlet on the porch provides a versatile power source so you can add lighting or plug in an appliance or electronic device. Additionally, wiring a ceiling fan provides a cooling source for when temperatures rise.
  • Protect it well: Select the correct shingle type based on the pitch of the roof. If the pitch is steeper, more than four inches, you may want to choose from a broader selection, such as cedar shakes, shingles, slate and tile. If the pitch is less than that, you'll only have one choice: picking the color of shingles; however, make sure it works with the existing roof's shingle color.
  • Cover it right: Use an expert roofer to install the roofing materials. You don't want to skimp here. A leak will not only make your outdoor experience less enjoyable, but it will also damage the roof, the porch, and any furniture or household items you store there. For a lasting, durable porch, consider hiring an expert to finish the roofing.

For more information about how to build a roof over a deck, contact Findlay Roofing. We offer a range of roofing services from repairs and replacements to window and door installation. Give us a call today!

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