How to Deal With Roof Storm Damage

How to Deal With Roof Storm Damage

You may think that your Fayette home is immune to roof storm damage because your landscaping is healthy and strong. Strong storms can bring down even the strongest of trees. But older trees are particularly vulnerable to falling down — as are diseased trees — and damaging your roof.

If the aftermath of a storm shows damage to your roof, you need to act quickly.

Here's what you should do:

  • Leave the home. You don't yet know the extent of the roof storm damage, and your household could be at risk. If a tree has fallen on the roof and weakened the structure, the floors beneath the roof could be affected. Find shelter with a neighbor or call a friend or family member.
  • Get help. Call the fire department or police, and alert them to the damage. If trees falls on or other debris is in the street or sidewalk, alert the authorities.
  • Stay safe. If power lines are also down, stay away from the debris.
  • Call your insurance company. An adjuster will need to assess the damage, and your agent can talk to you about your coverage and next steps.
  • Make the home secure. Get in touch with a roofing contractor to address immediate needs. For instance, if there's a gaping hole in the roof, you'll need to secure it and cover the hole to prevent rain from accessing the home. The roofer will be able to put temporary measures in place to prevent further water damage and to maintain the home's structural integrity, if necessary.
  • Make a plan. Once the home has been secured, you can talk about necessary repairs. Keep in mind that not all storm damage may be immediately evident. For example, if a tree is downed and its roots are deep, the shifting roots can disrupt the home's foundation. Eventually, you'll begin to notice cracks in the walls or the home's exterior. Talk to your roofing contractor or insurance agent about what to look for over the coming months, and how to address future problems.

Findlay Roofing is a leading provider of solutions for homeowners with roof storm damage.

Call us right away if you experience storm damage to the roof. Whether it's minor or major, it is our job to help you.

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