How to Handle a Roof Leak

How to Handle a Roof Leak

Your roof is usually reliable in performing its primary role. It seals out moisture and keeps everything beneath it dry. However, things happen, and due to unforeseen circumstances, your usually trusty roof can spring a leak. There are few things more startling than realizing that water is coming into your house through the roof. It can cause sheer panic in the short-term. However, there are some steps that you must immediately take that can limit the damage and ensure that your roof leak doesn't become a full-blown catastrophe.

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While roof repair and replacement should be left to roofing professionals, there are some things you can do when you discover a leak that can help mitigate the amount of damage and facilitate a quick repair. Keep reading to learn what you should do as soon as you determine that there's a leak in your roof.

Step 1: Stop the Water Damage

While the only thing that will fix a significant leak is the attention of a professional roofer, you should do what you can to limit the water damage. That may mean putting a tarp over the supposed leaky spot in the roof or placing plastic sheeting over anything in the attic or home that could be damaged by water from an undetermined source. That will help limit the damage done to items such as furniture and electronics, and a tarp can effectively prevent water from entering your home for the short term.

Step 2: Contain the Water

If you can catch the water as it drips with the use of a bucket or pan, you can reduce the damage and cleanup you will incur by doing so. It's also wise to remove any standing water that you weren't able to catch because standing water can cause significant damage to flooring, drywall, and trim. You can soak it up with towels or use a wet vac to expedite the process and prevent additional damage.

Step 3: Call a Roofer

The next thing you should do when you discover a roof leak is find a roofer who can respond quickly to your emergency need. You'll need to get an assessment of the nature of the leak and get a quote for repair costs. Make sure the roofer is reputable by searching online reviews and checking with your local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau. Also, get several quotes to ensure that the price you pay for the repair is fair and reasonable. The key is to get a roofer on the way to inspect and repair the roof as quickly as possible in order to prevent additional damage to your home.

Step 4: Call Your Insurance Provider

In many cases, a leaking roof can result in a successful insurance claim that will help cover the costs of a repair. It's important to contact your homeowners' insurance provider as quickly as you can to begin the claims process. An assessor will likely visit your home to investigate the damage and document the details, and the sooner that happens, the more your repair will be expedited.

Discovering a roof leak can cause panic for homeowners, but there are steps that anyone can take to minimize the damage and protect the rest of the home. By stopping the leak, containing the water, and contacting your insurance provider and prospective roofers, you can get a quick resolution and limit the damage done to your property. If your roof is leaking, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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