How to Minimize Chances of House Fires with Metal Roofing

How to Minimize Chances of House Fires with Metal Roofing

The heat that the sun radiates can cause fire. During summer when it's hot and dry, just a small spark can cause the withered tree beside your house or the trash stashed in your backyard to burn. Even if you made sure to clean and put away everything that is easily ignitable around your house, you also have to wonder if your neighbors are taking the same precaution. If they don't, that can spell trouble as what happened in Anderson recently:

Firefighters battled a blaze at an abandoned home in Anderson County on Wednesday afternoon.
Homeland Park Fire District was seen responding to the blaze on Cassandra Turn off Clark Lane at about 1:30 p.m.
Parts of the roof and some walls were seen collapsed in on the house. Viewers reported seeing smoke from the fire for miles in the area.
Firefighters on scene said the house had been abandoned for years and a home next to it burned within the last six months.
Arson investigators were called to the scene.

So, what can you do to minimize the possibility of your home catching fire during this dry season?

Of course you can't just go to your neighbors' house and start cleaning away. What you can do is start investing on home improvements that enhance your home's resistance to fires. Your easily combustible wood roofing for example, can be replaced with a metal roof that would make it less susceptible to fires. You can opt for a better material, especially if the roof is due for replacement anyway.

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