How to pick the best roofing shingles for your home

How to pick the best roofing shingles for your home

When you choose new shingles for your home, you're making an investment that could last as long as you live under that roof. Through those years, you'll confront the decision you made on a daily basis. Do the roofing shingles you're about to buy top the industry in technology, durability, beauty and energy-efficiency? Here is a look at the features you'll find in the best roofing shingles on the market today.

Asphalt options

Most Roswell-area homeowners have asphalt shingles installed on their roofs. These shingles are inexpensive and even meet Energy Star requirements in certain forms. Asphalt by Trumbull, an Owens Corning partner, has proven itself over the course of the company's 90-year history. One impressive example is PermaMop asphalt, which can withstand the intensity of 193 weather cycles — 150 percent better than standard asphalt.

Shingle durability

Slate shingles are among the industry's longest-lasting solutions for roofs. However, homeowners will need to have a high budget to shingle their roofs with natural slate. Fortunately, synthetic slates deliver an affordable alternative without sacrificing much in the way of durability.

Berkshire Collection Shingles by Owens Corning are among the industry's finest in terms of durability. Homeowners can get lifetime warranty protection for roofing, which means it's guaranteed for as long as you live in your home. In addition, limited warranties with respect to wind resistance (as much as 130 mph) and algae resistance (as long as 15 years) come included in Berkshire roofing, which are among the best roofing shingles in terms of value.

Best-looking shingles

Most homeowners looking to replace existing roofing will consider aesthetic factors as well. When it comes to historic homes in the Roswell area, it would be a crime to replace beautiful craftsmanship with generic steel roofing.

Standard three-tab shingles offer appeal for many area homes, but the Oakridge collection of shingles give you the opportunity to upgrade to artisanal colors. In addition, Owens Corning offers hip and ridge finishing for beauty and durability in roofs that have dips and crannies.

The best roofing shingles for efficiency

Modern consumers are also concerned about sustainability and energy-efficiency in housing materials. Roofing materials are no different. Owen Corning's Duration Premium Cool shingles earned the Energy Star rating though solar reflective properties that keep roofs cool and reduce the need for air conditioning in summer. These shingles also meet other roof energy standards as they begin to appear in different U.S. states.

With the right shingles, you can have a worry-free roof that stands up to the elements, but also looks great and helps keep your home energy-efficient. Ask your roofing professional for options and cost estimates for your home.

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