Identify Hail Damage After a Storm

Identify Hail Damage After a Storm

Last month's storm did more than keep people inside and the streets quiet. It generated hail damage on roofs throughout the Fulton area. The severe weather brought down trees with deep roots and delayed afternoon dismissals at area schools. The damage it can do to your roof can be costly. Here's what to look for after a storm to identify whether or not you're in for some roof repairs.

How the damage happens

Hail damage is particularly troublesome to roofs. Beyond the natural weatherization that occurs due to rain and wind, hail imposes a greater force upon the roof, causing all kinds of damage to roof shingles. When shingles are compromised, for example, punctured by hail and allowing water to infiltrate through the shingle, water then seeps through the roofing structure, and into the roof deck, walls, and so forth. A leaky roof can eventually cause a whole lot of costly damage inside the home.

Identifying damage

It's important to identify hail damage right away, in order to avoid costly problems down the road and prevent minor problems with shingle damage from becoming big problems. Here's how to know if hail has damaged your roof:

  • Missing granules. The force of the hail hitting the roof often causes granules to become dislodged from the shingle. You may notice granules on the ground, near gutters that dispose of roof drainage. You may also spot shingles that look discolored, due to the missing granules.
  • Damaged shingles, shingles with holes in them or cracked shingles.
  • Missing shingles.
  • A dented metal roof.

It's also possible to equate damage to shrubs, plants or trees around your home with roof damage. If any of the landscaping is missing leaves or branches, it's possible that the hail was strong enough to damage shingles, too.

Always get a professional assessment of roof damage caused by hail. Call Findlay Roofing the next time a serious storm hits the Fulton area. We offer free roof inspections and repair estimates, and we can have your roof back in great shape in no time - without sacrificing quality workmanship. Just give us a call today!

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